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No matter what stage of pet ownership you're at, come to our pet store to find the supplies you need. Shop at our store for...


  • Starter kits that will give you the habitat and supplies to care for a new pet
  • Terrariums, bedding, water systems and supplements to keep your pet safe and healthy
  • Live rodent and insect feeders including crickets, Dubia roaches, mice and worms



You can also find accessories like plants and décor to help make your pet's habitat more natural and appealing. Get the exotic pet food and supplies you need at our pet store in Greeley, Colorado.


Scales, Shells, Tails And Tongues

Get something unique at our pet store in Greeley, CO

Your pet companion doesn't have to be a furry mammal. If you're looking for a more unique pet, visit Wild Things Exotic Pets. Our exotic animal store in Greeley, CO can help you get started in the world of reptiles, amphibians or arachnids. You can find a large variety of exotic pets for sale and get all the supplies you need in one place.

If you want something scaly, we have lizards, geckos, bearded dragons and snakes. For a more aquatic environment, you can choose from turtles and frogs. Our selection is frequently updated and we can even special order specific animals if you have a unique pet in mind.

Find the pet you want at our exotic animal store.

We're more than just a store

At Wild Things Exotic Pets, we care about more than making a sale. Our staff is dedicated to sharing the incredible world of exotic pets, and we're available for educational events and parties. You can call us to schedule an exotic animal birthday party and our manager will bring reptiles to your location for a fun and educational time.

You can also stop by our store to learn more. Call 970-515-5685 to find out more about our current selection of pets.


Sean R.


Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. We purchased a crested gecko and it was healthy vibrant and the store had a lot of options for tank set ups. Highly recommend the store to anyone that needs feeders for their reptiles as well as new pets.